Making Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Great as it would be to commission a new, eco-friendly house, most of us live in draughty pre-war homes built before we appreciated the implications of large-scale energy use.. Make your home.

Insulation To make their house more energy-efficient, Pelletier and Jensen insulated the attic with greenfiber cocoon (from 25 cents a square foot, for dealers), a product created mostly from shredded recycled newspaper that has been treated with borate, a natural fire retardant. Because it can be blown through small holes that are drilled into walls, GreenFiber Cocoon "is a.

Having an environmentally friendly home is a simple way to help protect the environment. There are many DIY techniques that can be used to make your home more environmentally friendly. Most of the products required for these techniques are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home.

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When you have your home custom built, by an Earth-conscious builder like Sustainable 9, you are freed up to not only make it uniquely “yours” but also to have it built in a way that is truly eco-friendly. How you build your home will have a much bigger impact on the environment, for good or ill, than simply recycling pop cans and reusing.

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Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly. Posted on June 30, 2018 June 29, 2018 By Nigel. Nowadays we have to start to be more aware of the environment and the best place to start is in our home. If we all make little steps to make our homes eco-friendly, this will create a big step to improve the.

Expert tips to ensure your home is an environmentally friendly and healthy place to be. Expert tips to ensure your home is an environmentally friendly and healthy place to be. Search.

7 Ways to Make Your home environmentally friendly and Why New Homes are More Efficient. For many years working to connect both the environment and.

3 keys to START Sustainable living We all know that insulation is an important aspect of keeping your home both comfortable and energy efficient. What you might not know is that there are new and improved options for making your home much more environmentally friendly. Enter Icynene.