Why the market shouldn’t be excited about Fed rate cuts

Peter Schiff: The Fed shouldn’t cut rates. euro pacific capital ceo peter schiff discusses why the Federal Reserve shouldn’t cut interest rates and where investors should allocate their capital.

Spending binge fears ease as borrowing hits the brakes Before the financial crisis hit Europe full force in late 2008, Eastern Europeans went on a spending binge financed with loans denominated in euros, Swiss francs and even Japanese yen. The big advantage of foreign currency loans is that they are often much cheaper than domestic currency loans, which reflect the higher inflation and official.

The IPO market has been buzzing lately. As we noted yesterday, the Fed’s decision to put off a rate cut while still expressing concerns about the economy shouldn’t necessarily be a reason to.

Investors didn’t have such comfort in December, a sell-off which came right after a Fed rate hike. Since then, Fed officials have pivoted to a softer, more flexible stance on rates. And now the market.

Joseph Fahmy of Zor Capital discusses the importance of the Fed to the market and investor sentiment.. The Fed shouldn’t be cutting, but the market is demanding it. No case for Fed rate cut,

(Starting to see why. most market watchers think is behind the rally: Hints form Fed Chairman Jerome Powell in testimony.

Gold is finally breaking out to new bull market highs. The Fed was dovish enough in its rate cut outlook this week. Bull Breakout Potential” and why it was finally coming..

The markets have been partying since Tuesday on an anticipation of rate cuts. The Fed might cut rates, but it probably won’t have much effect. I will explain exactly why that is the case.

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Market data, or market crises like we saw in August and September, can cause the Fed to adjust the controls too much in one direction. WILL RATES RISE AGAIN IF FED CUTS? After the Fed cut the Fed Funds Rate and Discount Rate on September 18, mortgage rates actually rose because bond (or rate) markets were overbought.

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Now the bond market is telling the Fed that at least two rate cuts are needed. They are needed to offset the increased uncertainties surrounding Trump’s trade/tariff wars, which have now expanded to include Mexico, and the general malaise which has kept economy’s growth potential from being fully realized.

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