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RBA’s Lowe: Not unreasonable to expect a lower cash rate from here "The board has not yet made a decision, but it is not unreasonable to expect a lower cash rate," Governor Philip Lowe said in an evening speech in Sydney. "Our latest set of forecasts were prepared on the assumption that the cash rate would follow the path implied by market pricing, which was for the cash rate to be around 1% by the end of the year."

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Here’s the takeway: New housing is almost always built for and sold to the high end of the marketplace. It was that way a hundred years ago and fifty years ago. But as it ages, housing depreciates and moves down market. The luxury apartments of two or three decades ago have lost most of their luster, and command relatively lower rents.

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Housing Market Basics. Because real estate tends to run in cycles, a balanced market is most often seen as a transitional period between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market, or vice versa, but it typically lasts for a shorter period of time than either extreme.

"The last time we saw such a run up in U.S. resale home prices was just before the 2006 housing crash. Does that mean the U.S. housing market is due for an imminent correction? Probably not." "fundamentals remain good as evidenced by low mortgage rates, improving household formation and a strong economy.

In the United States the construction sector will prot from the same trends. However, the real estate development engine in the U.S. has some additional fuel to burn due to the expected positive growth in the number of households. Forecasting exact numbers of real estate developments is fraught with uncertainty (Belsky et al., 2007).

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unclear, however, if rate cuts would hurt the U.S. dollar all that much.. There is room for those two drivers to push USDCAD below 1.30. economy such as business investment, the housing market and. NBF Economics and Strategy ( data via Refinitiv). Performance versus USD since start of the year. %.

Multifamily Real Estate Boom in Denver As we reported in the Denver colorado housing market report, the opportunities for multifamily property buyers and property management companies remains positive in 2019. Denver is one of the hottest cities for multifamily real estate this year. Sales and listings are up and denver rent prices are rising.