Too much at stake for Pinellas County’s $43.9 million bus rapid transit project to fail

 · roundup 1-22-2016. january 22, 2016. tags:. Premium transit could be: bus rapid Transit in transit dedicated lanes; light rail like Pinellas County has determined to be the choice mode; commuter rail like SUNRail in Orlando; or any of the options included in the attached document. FDOT believes transit is important to this region and just.

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 · Tampa would then be expected to devote 10 percent of its share to expanding the street car system, and the others 10 percent each to creating a bus rapid transit system. Anti-tax opponents say the county should handle the problems from existing revenues by cutting what they say is unnecessary spending in other areas.

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By: Corey Givens Jr. ST. PETERSBURG – The Tampa Bay area at-large has a difficult decision to make when it comes down to the future of mass transit in Pinellas County. This November voters will head to the polls to determine a few things: Elimination of the suncoast transit authority property tax.

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