This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

For building regulations approval for work at home you need to. If the building works do not comply there is a risk that we will require you. When you are ready to make your application you can apply for building regulations.

Work covered by building regulations. You could need approval, or to follow special rules, for works not listed here – so always research your particular project. Check with a building control body if you cannot decide if you need approval. You do not need advance approval for emergency repairs to your boiler or heating system, but there are rules you must follow.

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If the works have been in place for some time but there is no completion certificate this does not mean the work is not up to standard, but it does mean the correct procedure was not followed. However, the building regulation officer would be unable to grant a certificate in retrospect because they have to inspect from the very beginning.

Process for completing building consents more than five years old 1. We will retrieve the building consent file. Some of the files may be stored off-site so this may take up to two days.. showed the house did not have a CCC.

You should always check with your local council to make sure your proposed building work does not have any district planning implications, as you may need to get a resource consent or some other permit. This will be needed before you can start any building work.

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