The federal government’s little-known pension heist

The AP reports that a federal employee’s union now says literally every single government worker is the victim of an enormous personal information heist. Related Blogs Antiviral

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The good loans are refinanced away from the federal government to. are sold to pension funds (particularly to government pension funds),

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Long-term federal employees can position themselves for a more secure retirement by employing a little-known feature of their benefits known. Most individuals who have been employed by the federal.

“Now that pension funds and other contractual benefits and health care are being cut, after trillions have gone to the banks that had no contractual benefits or rights, the idea that a large amount of money has been transferred through or out of the federal government helps explain the growing inequality in a manner that makes much more sense.

"Too big to fail" means bail outs for banks and the shaft for union pension funds, says Mary Sanchez. "Too big to fail" means one thing for banks and another thing for union pension funds. When banks.

Local Teamsters retirees are seeing massive cuts to their pensions. On Nov. 19, they rallied outside the Kansas City Star building to draw attention to their situation and call for legislative action.

Ready to test your knowledge?. In the US, these regulators include, but are not limited to, the federal trade commission and Department of Justice. deals, when companies have a proven concept and little revenue.. examples include university endowments, insurance companies and pension funds.

“Too big to fail” means one thing for banks and another thing for union pension funds. When banks are on the verge of collapse, Congress bails them out. When union pension funds are in mortal danger,

Its intention to file for bankruptcy has been known at least since February, but. in the petition are the pension benefit guaranty corp., which is the US government's. In other words, the acquirer has little or no equity in the deal, and the acquired. Federal Bankruptcy laws need to be changed to allow for.

 · The theft of the American pension. "Retirement Heist," it wasn’t the dire economy that led these companies to plunder their own employees’ earnings, it was.