Tech investor James Anderson savages City grandee over Arm sell-off

While investors were initially focused on the effect of restrictive trade policies on firms in the automotive and industrial sectors, recent developments have thrust tech into the spotlight as well.

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VA owes disabled veterans refunds on home loan fees, report says VA Owes Disabled Veterans Refunds on Home Loan Fees, Report Says. agreed to identify the exempt veterans who paid the fee and issue them refunds. The VBA noted that the financial impact to the veterans was minimal over the life of the loan, the inspector general report says.

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Next year looks to be a great one for investors: a bull market igniting into its final third, led by European stocks. Even if sterling strength dampens brits’ global returns again, this should.

JAMES ANDERSON: We want to relive the good times Down Under – not return to the Ashes nightmare of seven years ago. Union threatens to derail Government’s ‘insane’ sell-off of rail franchise.

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These Tech Investors Now Have a Major Problem on Their hands. tech stocks are looking a little overvalued here, according to new research from UBS. It could be time to lighten the load in some top.

James Lee says the widely touted Internet of Things is on its way to becoming a cliche as companies come up with new ways to integrate the network into everyday life. According to Lee, integrating the Internet into households has taken strange turns that include a bathroom that could tweet out y