Student debt is a baby boomer problem, too

too. The average out-of-pocket health-care spending by people with Medicare was more than 40 percent of the average Social Security income in 2013, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Debt is.

 · Right now, thanks to a big fat baby boomer population, this generation of college students are going to go $50,000 into debt for a degree that doesn’t ensure job security and will be enslaved into.

Baby Boomers Are Drowning In Loans: Debt Of Average 67-Year-Old Soared 169% In Past 12 Years. Some more observations: Just over a decade ago, student debt was unheard of among 65-year-olds. Today it is a growing debt category, though it remains smaller for them than autos, credit cards and mortgages.

 · My mother was a baby boomer, and I’m part of Generation Jones." One reason Pontell calls the group "Jones" is because of its relative anonymity, particularly compared with boomers.

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The problem for baby boomers is that the impulse to save for retirement hasn’t kicked in nearly as much as it should have. The same GOBankingRates survey found that more than a quarter of those aged 55 and up have no retirement savings at all, and fewer than half.

 · Millennials have inherited more student loan debt than previous generations. It’s also clear from accounts of millennials that descriptions of them tend to speak of kids with a certain degree of privilege, at least middle to upper class. In these groups, violence, drug use.

A new book blames the Baby Boomers for Millennials' economic. In a few short decades, you too will be a millionaire, just like her.. To make matters worse, Millennials also carry unprecedented student debt ("$1.4 trillion. as of. And sure enough, in his account, government is always the problem, the.

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That led inevitably to government-backed student loans. The problem, however. can’t even keep up with the interest on the loan. They’re the victims of a generational betrayal, where we Baby Boomers.

Some candidates are more aggressive than others in terms of going after lenders and loan servicers, too. Democrat. to incentivize states to eliminate student loans for undergraduates at public.

Boomers Are Helping Kids Pay the Bills Millennials have almost $15,000 dollars in debt according to the survey, 50 percent of respondents have credit card debt, 36 percent are burdened with student.