Rihanna Brings Awareness To Sudan Massacre

While celebrities including Rihanna put up the. Its description read: "Sudan meal project. We’re committed to donating up to 100,000 meals to sudanese civilians. Please share our post to spread.

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Rihanna utilized her platform to bring awareness towards a very devastating issue happening at the moment. The Bajan singer and entrepreneur shared a concern for the atrocities happening in Sudan. Via her Instagram story, the starlet shared a post that stated "They’re shooting people’s houses, raping women, burning bodies, throwing them in the Nile like vermin, tormenting people.

Hashtags like #BlueForSudan have gained momentum on social media, with stars like Rihanna, putting up the color and using the hashtag to bring awareness to the situation in Sudan. Before ex-President.

Rihanna has taking to her social media page to bring awareness to the crisis happening in Sudan at the moment. The former president of Sudan was removed from his position of power and since then, the country’s people have been calling for a democratic government.

Rihanna took to social media to bring awareness to the violence occurring in Sudan. On Tuesday, she posted a message to her 71.9 million Instagram followers. >> Read more trending news

In Sudan, more people are being killed and injured for taking part in peaceful protests against the Saudi-supported military council to step down and hand the government to a civilian government, and.

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Rihanna urges her fans to look into the Sudan Massacre. Rihanna utilized her platform to bring awareness towards a very devastating issue happening at the moment. The Bajan singer and entrepreneur.

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Rihanna continues to use her platform and reach of over 200 million followers across social media to bring awareness to social issues that are important to her. Most recently she took to Instagram to.

not what’s going on in Sudan?! Children are dying ,people as in HUMANS are being stripped from their human rights,this is news, this is what you should https://t.co/hbbEd95Q0x Pushes for awareness.