Retired Hayward police officer arrested at his Modesto home

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 · STOCKTON (CBS13) – Detectives say they have arrested one man in connection to the late June incident where officers were shot at in Stockton. Back on June 26, multiple officers.

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 · Hayward Police Officer Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop. Mom Pleads as Son Arrested for Shooting Threat. Police said anyone wishing to make a donation for.

Questioned a second time at his home after. with Modesto police, the officer answered No’ to a question about whether he had ever been “detained for investigation, held on suspicion, questioned,

Mike Pershall’s K-9 partner to his family less than two months after Pershall was killed by a suspected drunk driver.modesto police chief galen carroll spoke at Tuesday’s city council meeting, asking.

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A retired Calif. cop was arrested for stealing more than a half-million dollars from a mentally ill woman he once arrested. More information Retired Hayward police officer Michael Scott Beal was arrested for taking more than $500,000 from a mentally ill woman he once arrested.

 · MSNBC Thought Police Say It’s Incendiary’ to Believe in Two Genders. Politics; police news. vacationing trooper saves swimmer from drowning at Jersey Shore. Former Houston police officer charged with murder over raid. PoliceOne Guide to Building a Police Fleet for 2020 & Beyond. ill. trooper serving warrant dies from gunshot wounds.

DaRonch was shopping at the same mall Smith had been at when a handsome young man posing as a police officer told. across the country. Hayward, who retired in 1986 after 33 years on the highway.

Not properly trained and as bad as the criminals. They need to be investigated and arrest the ones who are crooked. Just ask another police officer in another city what they think or heard about the modesto police. national survey’s and research list Modesto Police as one of the worse in the US.

 · Officers also recovered clothing that was consistent with items used during the commission of the crimes. This investigation is still ongoing and other leads are currently being followed up on. The City of Hayward Police Department is still asking for individuals that may have knowledge of the crime to come forward and call 715-634-8961.