Pimco Warns That Central Banks Can’t Rescue the Bond Market

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 · El-Erian, a prominent economist and one-time CEO and co-CIO of bond giant PIMCO, said the interest rate policies of central banks were diverging quickly. The Federal Reserve has already embarked on rate hikes amid robust U.S. economic growth while the euro zone’s central bank, the ECB, is approaching rate hikes with caution .

Don’t expect the ECB to come to the rescue in Italian bonds, given stern words from Constancio in a Spiegel interview. The ECB vice president warns any prospective italian government that market.

Volatility in the Italian government bond market is expected to persist as the fall-out from the recent italian election continues to hold sway, according to a manager at one of the world’s most.

What’s Next for Investors in the Bond Market. Recent market volatility suggests that investors are questioning whether the post-crisis subpar pace of economic growth, which we dubbed the New Normal, is subsiding, to be replaced by more traditional late-cycle outcomes – in particular faster inflation and tighter monetary policy.

 · But as global monetary policy tightens and central banks promise further interest rate rises, many commentators have called the end of the 36-year bond bull market.

In essence, what the reports are saying is: The U.S. consumer is buying, but can’t keep it up indefinitely. Financial companies are dealing with billions of dollars in pain from misjudging the housing.

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While the Japanese central bank will still buy as many bonds as needed to keep the 10-year government yield pinned at zero, the deceleration was enough to cause the global debt market to shiver.

 · Bill Gross of PIMCO, aka the Bond King, probably got tired of having to fade the heat after his call about the death of the cult of equity.

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PIMCO VERSUS THE FEDAs one of the world’s biggest investors in fixed-income assets, when Pacific Investment Management Co. says something about the bond market it makes sense to pay attention.

Most famously, perhaps, Morgan Stanley predicted in late 2009 that interest rates on 10-year US bonds, then around 3.5 percent, would shoot up to 5.5 percent in 2010; in early 2011 Pimco’s legendary ..