New hotspots for first-time buyers

Research compiled by Inspired Homes reveals London’s new-build hotspots for homes in reach of first-time buyers. Selecting over 100 postcodes in Greater London and only new-build properties under the 600,000 Help to Buy threshold, the research identifies the areas in greatest demand by looking at the time properties typically take to sell and ranks them on affordability.

A new study reveals five UK cities attracting the biggest number of purchases using the government’s affordable housing schemes. From finding the right mortgage to where to buy, there’s no doubt being a first-time buyer is filled with some life changing decisions.

Strong first-time buyer activity is vital for a healthy property market. If prices rise or mortgage lending criteria become tighter, buyers have to wait longer to get on the ladder. If stock in.

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As these areas blossomed and attracted young, professional and creative residents, Lewisham was seen as a less attractive option. Today, however, Lewisham is hailed by property experts as one of London’s top up-and-coming areas – the next big thing for first time buyers.

In many cases first-time buyers haven’t been able to come up with the down payment that lenders have demanded. Viewed in that light fannie mae’s recent announcement of a new loan program, specifically.

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Hotspots For First Time Buyers In Greater Manchester Manchester, the assumed capital of the "Northern Powerhouse" is one of the fastest and most exciting cities in the UK. With thriving industries such as media drawing huge numbers of new workers to the city and its surrounding areas, the complexity of Great Manchester’s housing market is.

Norwich is one of the UK’s “affordable hotspots” with 93pc of homes available for sale in certain areas falling within the budget for first time buyers. A new report out today shows Norwich, with an.

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Today, we’re taking a look at 15 affordable first-time buyer hotspots in Dublin. ‘Drummage’ The D12 trio of Drimnagh, Crumlin, and Kimmage (or the collective, affectionate portmanteau of ‘Drummage’) is a vibrant hub for first-time buyers.

From new housing and upgraded high streets, to improved transport links, of new homes will be earmarked for first-time buyers and renters.

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