Jewish man ‘trapped in marriage’ by court order

Reiss remembers cowering in the corner of their Brooklyn apartment during her ex-husband’s rampage, fearing that the marriage her ultra-Orthodox Jewish family had arranged. Then she decided to help.

The jerusalem magistrates’ court ruled Tuesday that Meir Gorodetsky will be incarcerated for 15 months on charges of violating a court order. Under millennia-old Jewish law, only the husband may.

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Women struggle to get Jewish divorce from their Orthodox husbands. attractive and trapped in a marriage she cannot escape.. A Bet Din – a rabbinical court – can summon a recalcitrant.

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In Jewish society, there are estimated to be thousands of women in broken marriages where their husband refuses to give them the necessary religious document enabling a divorce. In some cases, the wife can remain trapped in the situation for years, unable to remarry or move on. Shoshana is lonely.

The rabbis can order a reluctant spouse, usually a man, to grant the divorce, and Israel’s parliament is considering a bill to. Women struggle to get Jewish divorce from their Orthodox husbands. attractive and trapped in a marriage she cannot escape..

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A Jewish businessman has criticised the Family Court for putting him in a. Alan Moher claims he is trapped in a marriage with his wife under Jewish law. The text of the get states "You are hereby permitted to all men", which.

Jewish Divorce and the Role of Beit Din by Rabbi Jonathan Reiss (NOTE: This article originally appeared in the Winter 5760/1999 issue of Jewish Action, a magazine publication of the Orthodox Union, and is reprinted herein with permission.) One of the major roles of a beit din [rabbinical court] today is to supervise gitten for

As a Jewish businessman criticises the Family Court for putting him in a catch-22 situation that allegedly traps him between family law and religious law, Julian Hawkhead, Senior Partner at Stowe Family Law looks at the case in more detail.