‘I’m living in a building that’s unsafe’

Learn more about the dangers of seniors living alone. The Dangers of More Seniors Living Alone. According to AARP, nearly 90% of people over age 65 want to stay at home for as long as possible. Living at home and staying in a familiar community may offer benefits to seniors’ emotional well-being – but research indicates that a staggering.

Living with Meth Residue Can Make You, Your Family and Your pets sick carl brahe Methamphetamine use and manufacture can adversely affect people and animals for many years to come who have the misfortune of being in a place where it was made or used .

I am writing this basic, incomplete primer to infrastructural fire safety in industrial spaces with those. be wrong for your area. Again, I’m writing this in an attempt to reach those who may be.

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Most of us no longer live in dangerous buildings thanks to modern health and safety regulations. However, there are still some terrifying structures that people are happy to call home.

For years, the principal of Springfield’s Chestnut middle school talented and Gifted had two identities: living at home as a man. needed to see more transgender people in the world. “I’m certainly.

Who can I report unsafe apartment conditions to? I have lived in my apartment complex for 4 years now, and they’ve never been nice by any means, but they’re completely livable; no bugs or anything. We have these wooden awnings which hang off the second floor; they have been collecting ice and snow all season.

Rights of Maine Renters: Unsafe or Unfit Housing. en espaol .. How do I know if my building has dangerous radon levels?. No. You will risk eviction and can still be charged for the rent while you are living there. Talk to a lawyer before you decide to stop paying rent.

Featured In. Some people argue that despite not being legal, you can get away with living on these properties for free because a landlord cannot legally charge you rent for these properties. Others point out that whether or not it is legal, it is dangerous in terms of the law, in terms of finances, and in terms of personal safety.