Hondurans in South Florida ‘hopeless’ after Trump administration ends immigration protection TPS

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The Trump administration’s aggressive stance against immigrants continued on Friday (May 4) when the Department of Homeland Security announced that "The secretary determined that the disruption of living conditions in Honduras from Hurricane Mitch that served as the basis for its TPS designation.

The Trump administration announced Friday it is ending the temporary protected status (tps) for more than 56,000 Hondurans, who will have 18 The TPS status for Honduras had been in force since 1999, a year after the Central American country was hit by Hurricane Mitch, a massive storm.

The Trump administration is now allowing them to remain in the US and work legally while a Immigrants with TPS from Honduras and Nepal, however, were not But the administration is now agreeing to link the fate of Honduran and Nepali TPS recipients to.

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Watch CBSN Live. trump administration ending Hondurans’ special immigration status. The Trump administration announced Friday it is ending special immigration protections for about 57 In the case of Honduras, the program known as TPS has been in place since 1999, after Hurricane.

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The Trump administration has decided to end a temporary program that allows 57,000 Hondurans to live and work in the United The Trump administration said Friday that it is ending special immigration protections for about 57,000 Hondurans, adding them to.

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The Trump administration has announced it will end the Temporary Protected Status designation for Haiti by July 2019, potentially forcing tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants to either leave the US.

Nearly 60,000 Honduran immigrants could be forced to leave the United States after the Trump administration suspended a status allowing them to stay. The administration announced it would revoke the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) extended to some 57,000 Hondurans in the aftermath.

On Friday, the Trump administration announced the cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status, or TPS Keren Sarmiento, a Honduran immigrant who arrived in South Florida as a baby, was The TPS program began in 1990 to provide protection to immigrants from 10 countries affected by.

The Trump administration said on Friday it will end temporary protections for immigrants in the After El Salvador, Hondurans are the second largest nationality with TPS to lose their status, which Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Hondurans had until 2020 to decide what to do.