Guess which Mississippi city has the nation’s worst credit score?

7. Arkansas. Arkansas has five known active KKK organizations, the same number as Tennessee. The state has a 1.9 LQ score that makes it the seventh most racist state in the country.

The national average credit score was 682. A total of 29 states had an above average credit score. minnesota ranked first in the U.S. with a credit score of 722, while Mississippi ranked last with a credit score of 648. Regionally, the Northeast had the highest average credit score (694).

Best: Cheap living – Perhaps for all the wrong reasons (one of the worst school systems and a failing economy, to name a few), Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in. In fact, after taxes.

These Are The 10 Dumbest States In America For 2017. We used science and data to determine which states are real dummies.

Spoiler: Cities in Illinois make up almost a third of this list. So it’s fairly appropriate that the state’s capital, Springfield, would make an appearance. 2019 marks the fourth year in a row that Sangamon County, where Springfield is located, has seen its population decrease, according to the Census Bureau.

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Credit score ranges are typically between 300 and 850, and the 10 states with the best credit scores all have credit scores of 690 or above, comfortably in the range of "good credit." With good credit scores in this range, residents of these state will find it easier to qualify for loans as well as get lower interest rates and other.

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