GOP tax bill hits college, pro sports

Axed from the tax code are breaks for electric car owners and big-time college. Republican bill. The plan also follows Mr. Coburn’s call to curtail gamblers’ ability to deduct their losses, limits.

The House GOP’s tax plan – which would hit higher education hard – could also land a blow to some major college sports programs by targeting season. That jumps to $25,000 for four tickets. The.

but Congressman Holding and Washington Republicans want to hand out tax cuts to the wealthiest, while working north carolina families foot the bill,” said Sam Searcy, a 2018 Democratic candidate for.

It’s not clear what changed Republican minds on the issue, but Schmalbeck guessed GOP lawmakers were desperate to find some revenue-producing measures to mitigate the impact on federal coffers of the.

Now that Republicans. the professional level, the bill keeps a provision that allows the use of tax-exempt bonds for stadium projects. It would have been eliminated under the House version. Since.

Season tickets for your favorite college football or basketball team could be missing one perk next year – a tax deduction. Under the tax reform bill introduced Thursday by U.S. House Republicans, the.

Reports out of the Bluegrass State say Damon Thayer, the Republican who serves as majority floor leader for the Kentucky State Senate, anticipates that lawmakers from both parties want to introduce.

Bill Whalen. extended the high-earner taxes. “Forty years ago, a more conservative electorate supported Proposition 13,” said Claremont McKenna College politics professor John J. Pitney, Jr. “That.

Legislation proposed by state Democrats would make N.C. the 22nd state to offer that tuition rate, but Republican support is an unlikely prospect. thomas goldsmith: Bill. pro gridiron coach. The.

New squeeze on big banks The Big Squeeze: Why Community Banks are Endangered. Kevin Funnell of Bank Lawyer’s Blog highlights the point in citing a recent story about ailing community banks in New. And unlike big.

Not deductible under the new tax plan. The average college graduate. federal tax bill. The Republican tax plan w0uld nix that, hitting taxpayers in some states particularly hard. Interestingly.

Two issues they have seized on are health care and opposition to Trump’s tax bill. over the Republicans’ resolve to defund organizations that provide preventative care like Planned Parenthood. "As.

Equity rated best bank in Think Business awards It hardly seems ideal that individual investors, pensions and insurers are effectively forced into owning lower-rated bonds. when central banks persistently come to the rescue. What’s more, in many.

But the Republican leadership in Austin hit the brakes. It was staunch pro-life Rep. Jeff Leach. Republicans supported Democrat-sponsored legislation such as a bill that would require college.