Fayette schools are five to seven years away from where they need to be, superintendent says

Despite progress, fayette county public schools are five to seven years away from making the transformation it needs, Superintendent Manny Caulk said Thursday after he delivered the district’s.

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In his first year at the helm of the second-largest school district in Kentucky, Caulk launched an entry plan that included five external audits, site visits to every school and program, and listening sessions and surveys that drew input from more than 12,750 students, staff, families, and community partners.

News relating to Bryan Station High School in Lexington , KY. Old classmates October 5, 2016 by Crail Floyd (Register to contact) We moved to Ohio when my dad passed away in 1951, so I’m connected to two school systems: Bryan Station, Picadome and Kenwick in Lexington and Salem High in Ohio.

Fayette County Public Schools is located in Fayette County, Kentucky.The county seat is Lexington. Fayette County is home to 308,428 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau. In the 2011-2012 school year, Fayette County Public Schools was the second-largest school district in Kentucky and served 38,641 students.

"A lot of people say, ‘One hundred things?,’ " said Daryl Love, a school board member for the past seven years. "Well, these are things we need to get right. It was trying to understand where we are and then where we need to go."

directly with school sites. They rarely consider, she says, "the impact of districts beyond their potential to do harm." "School boards are looking for God-on a good day." Atlanta-based superintendent recruiter, as quoted in the New York Times "The hero-superintendent is an ideal seldom realized.

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Two years ago, just 10 of the District’s more than 200 public and public charter schools met the physical education requirement. This year, 44 schools met the target, according to Fred Lewis,

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