DMV to send letters to Calif. residents who may not have valid REAL ID

The checklist covers the California Department of Motor Vehicles REAL ID requirements. Using the REAL ID Checklist does not guarantee you are eligible to obtain a REAL ID card. There are driver license and ID card fees associated with applying for a REAL ID card, also knowledge and/or vision tests may be required.

REAL ID FIX: The DMV is making it easier to get a REAL ID by sending letters to people who got them with a proof of residency, according to a report. DMV to send letters to Calif. residents who may not have valid REAL ID [Video]

Please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles with assistance in identifying a program in your jurisdiction. If it is determined at the hearing that your license may be reinstated, you will have to visit a DC DMV service center and follow the reinstatement procedures outlined in the hearing disposition.

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These "proofs of residency" usually come in the form of other government ID (showing an address), utility bill, lease agreement, or any valid document showing an address with the resident’s name. May Also Be Used By. Employers – If the employee can not produce a pay stub a letter from the employer may suffice.

California DMV ID Requirements. Californians can apply for a DMV ID card at any age. They may not, however, hold any other state-issued IDs – such as drivers licenses issued by California or any other state – at the same as a California non-driver ID. Holders of other IDs must surrender them to be issued a new California ID.

In Nevada, proof of identity presented prior to November 12, 2014, is not valid to obtain a Real ID license or ID card. The Nevada DMV issued compliant licenses marked with a gold star for a brief period in early 2010. These have expired and were replaced with standard licenses upon renewal.

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The DMV has struggled this year dealing with massive customer demand for federally mandated Real ID. have waited, only to be turned away because they had the wrong paperwork. Some DMV field offices.

The federal REAL ID Act places new rules on which forms of identification may be used for domestic flights and for entry into secure federal facilities and military bases. A California issued driver license or identification card that meets these new requirements is called a REAL ID.