Desperate man clings to 11-inch ledge of burning building for 30 minutes, video shows

A crowd of people on a street in Rome was forced to watch helplessly Wednesday, as a young man stood on a 11-inch ledge to escape his apartment. Video shows waited three floors up for 30 minutes.

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A remarkable video has emerged from China of a little girl who fell out of a fourth-floor window but was saved when she landed on an air conditioning unit. The video, filmed in Zaoyang, Hubei Province on August 11, shows the girl sitting three floors up on the temperature control device.

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The shocking video was captured by chance on Friday when an abc news 10 film crew spotted the car and its desperate. the man being dragged was convinced a friend’s stolen purse was inside the car..

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Dramatic surveillance video captures the moment a BMW plunges seven stories onto the pavement below and slams into the rear of an SUV. The woman in the BMW suffered serious injuries; the man in.

The ledge, he saw, measuring it with his eye, was about as wide as the length of his shoe, and perfectly flat. And every fifth row of brick in the face of the building, he remembered–leaning out, he verified this–was indented half an inch, enough for the tips of his fingers, enough to maintain balance easily.