Can you afford that house? It’s getting harder.

The idea is to keep as much of your energy and attention focused on dealing with the problems at hand while still meeting the obligations you can’t afford to let slide. It’s still hard – that’s just the nature of big problems – but it’s harder still when a disaster in one area of your life sets off a domino effect that ripples through every other area of your life.

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Decide how much of a down payment you can afford and how much of a monthly payment you can take on. Lenders will require that the new housing monthly payment plus the existing credit obligations.

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So your home is falling apart and you can’t afford to fix it up. Consider these expert tips for getting the most out of your fixer-upper when you sell. Sell Your House Even If It Needs Fixing.

Even living in one of the most expensive area in the country, we can afford to buy a (modest) house, daycare, 2 cars, and all the everyday convenience without having to worry too hard about bills.

Debt ratio. You can only afford a house that’s 33% of your income if your other debts are less than 5% of your income. If you’re making $4,000 per month, that means having less than $200 in debt per month. If you have more debt than that, no worries-you’ll just have to adjust your maximum mortgage rate to be lower.

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Zillow’s Home Affordability Calculator will help you determine how much house you can afford by analyzing your income, debt, and the current mortgage rates.

When shopping for a home, it may seem like spending a little more money could get you much more house.But don’t compromise other important financial goals just to get that extra bedroom or swimming pool. To avoid getting in over your head, use these steps to get a clear idea of exactly how much house you can afford.