Active Query Builder for .NET WinForms v3.5.20

Simple SQL Builder lets you build SQL statements; VB SQL Code to SQL Statement Converter strips non-SQL syntax and variables; and SQL Statement to VB SQL Code Converter changes SQL syntax into VB code.

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Another advantage to doing it within the software, is that I can do post processing on the query results. For example, there are quite a few data analysis algorithms that are run in the software which are written in the .NET code. So I can add fields to this interface that allow them to select the results of these algorithms.

SQL Query Builder for Windows Forms. Active Query Builder WinForms Edition is a visual query builder component suite to let your end-users build complex SQL queries, as well as to parse, analyse SQL queries and represent them visually. Its powerful API allows you to parse complex SQL queries for programmatic analysis and modification.

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C# Demo Projects for Active Query Builder for .NET – WPF Edition Also, check the VB.NET Demo projects repository for the same demos in Visual Basic .NET. What is Active Query Builder for .NET? Active Query Builder is a component suite for different .NET environments: WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET.It includes:

Active Query Builder; Active Query Builder for .NET Active Query Builder for .NET. Best practices, tips, and tricks for WinForms, WPF, and ASP.NET Editions. Introduction to the version 3.0. Active Query Builder for .NET 3.5 release notes. Active Query Builder WinForms Edition Tips.

Active Query Builder live demo online visual SQL Query Builder for ASP.NET and other environments. Active Query Builder for .NET – ASP.NET Edition is a true online HTML Visual SQL Query Builder component for WebForms, MVC and .NET Core 2.0. It helps organize a full-featured environment to work with queries and the result query data by providing means for pre- and post- query building user.

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